The Secret to a Flawless Bridal Glow

The Glo Sho

Every bride dreams, on their wedding day, to make a showstopping entrance. Where every eye is captivated by their luminous beauty as they walk down the aisle.


The Wedding Spray Tan Artist

When it comes to wedding spray tans, it’s worth it to pay more for a quality experience and results.

In addition to finding the perfect colour, a skilled spray tan artist can also contour your body in all the right places to give you a toned, healthy look.

In Bedfordshire, there is a secret to achieving this: The Glo Show, a pioneering mobile bridal spray tan service that promises every bride-to-be an unmatched glow for their big day.

This luxury, vegan, and bespoke mobile spray tanning service is revolutionising bridal beauty, ensuring that every bride shines with a flawless, streak free glow on her big day.

Founded by Bernii, The Glo Show offers cruelty-free beauty, offering a luxury, vegan, and bespoke mobile spray tanning service that is transforming bridal beauty norms.

As she uses Nouvatan Products even brides with sensitive skin can have a perfect wedding spray tan.

Bernii’s passion and commitment to excellence over the past 8 years have culminated in a service that not only perfects the skin but enhances the wearer’s confidence from within.

The Glo Show Specialises in the Bridal Spray Tan

Bernii offers a professional spray tan service that goes beyond the traditional spray tan; it’s a holistic tan experience designed to make brides feel radiant, confident, and exquisitely prepared for their new life chapter.

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, a day where you deserve to look and feel your absolute best.

The path to your ideal bridal glow commences with a tan trial, a critical step beyond the average tan.

This initial consultation allows Bernii to deeply understand your needs, your wedding dress style, and your vision, fine-tuning your glow to flawlessly accentuate your natural skin tone.

This commitment to customisation and quality, from cruelty-free practices to offering expert advice, sets The Glo Show apart as the epitome of responsible beauty in Bedfordshire.

Sensitive Skin Solutions

Bernii tailors the tanning formula to each body to accommodate all skin types, including sensitive skin, ensuring every bride can achieve their golden glow without concern.

Bridal and Squad Tanning Parties

The Glo Show’s bridal tanning parties offer a unique opportunity to unite your bride squad, ensuring everyone looks their radiant best

Imagine a day filled with laughter, love, bonding, and indulgence as you and your closest friends enjoy luxury tanning.

It’s a celebration of your day, your friendship, and unforgettable memories.

A Special Thank You

The Glo Show offers an exclusive perk where the bride’s tan could be complimentary, depending on the size of the bridal party.

It’s Bernii’s way of saying thank you and acknowledging the significance of being chosen to play a role in such a monumental day.

How to Book Your Bridal Glow

Completing a simple enquiry form is all it takes for Bernii to begin your perfect tanning experience, whether it’s your spray tan trial, a tranquil solo session or a lively gathering with your bridesmaids.

The Glo Show guarantees that your pre-wedding spray tan appointment is as smooth and memorable as it is your special day.

Securing your bridal or squad tanning session is straightforward.

The Glo Show’s philosophy extends beyond delivering a perfect finish; it’s about igniting your inner beauty, confidence, and joy for one of life’s most pivotal days.

Bernii’s dedication to luxury, cruelty-free beauty, and tailored wedding spray shades and tans renders The Glo Show the ultimate secret to a flawless bridal glow.

Wedding Day Ready!

As you step into Amberleigh Gardens on your wedding day, you’ll feel confident in your skin, (and enhance your wedding dress), as you let The Glo Show be your partner in radiance, ensuring that your glow is as memorable as the day itself.

Remember, the perfect wedding begins with the perfect glow, and with The Glo Show doing your bridal tan, you’re in the best hands.

Tanning Tips

Pre Wedding Spray Tan Preparation

To guarantee a streak-free and lasting tan, start with an oil-free exfoliator a few days before your session. This ensures the removal of dead skin cells for an even application.

Spray Tan Trial Run

Experimenting with different shades in advance is essential for determining the perfect shade for your skin tone and the look you desire. It also allows you to see how the tan fades evenly, ensuring no surprises on your big day. Most brides like the look of their tan the most on day two.

Post Spray Tan Tips

After you have your spray tan for the wedding, it’s important to take care of it to help it fade evenly and look beautiful for up to two weeks after your appointment (which is perfect if you’re jetting off to your honeymoon right after the wedding).

Wear loose fitting clothes post-tan to avoid smudging. To make your spray tan last longer, shower in lukewarm water. Avoid showering for at least six hours after the tan has been sprayed on so you don’t rinse away the colour. After your shower, dry yourself carefully by patting your skin with a towel, rather than rubbing vigorously.

Makeup and Tan Harmony

Collaborating with your makeup artist to ensure your facial makeup complements your tan for a seamless beauty transition is key.