Save the Date Vs Wedding Invitation: What Is The Difference?

Save the Date Vs Wedding Invitation:

What Is The Difference?

Knowing what kind of invitation will be best for your event is essential if you are planning a wedding. There are many different types of invitations that can help make your day unique and memorable. A kind of invitation that has become very popular in recent years is Save the date cards or save the dates. These cards give guests an idea about when they should expect to see their name on the guest list at the reception. But are they the same as a Wedding Invitation? Do you need both? Let’s find out!

What is the difference between a save the date and a wedding invitation?

There are a few differences between save the date cards and wedding invitations. And a lot of people might be confused by this, but a save the date card and a wedding invitation is two separate pieces of paper.

Save The Date

A save the date card is typically mailed to people with engagement information and wedding date to alert their guests about the upcoming event. However, this is not always necessary when inviting other parties such as showers, birthdays and anniversaries.

Save the dates are typically sent well in advance of an event to allow for guests to plan travel arrangements, especially if they live out of town or come from outside their hometown. This is important because sometimes there can be any number of factors that could prevent people from attending a wedding, such as a lack of money or time off work to travel.

It is also a great way to create a buzz and excitement amongst the family! Plus, it gives the happy couple a good idea of how many would like to attend the wedding so that when they look at venues, they have a rough idea of the numbers.

The card will have a formal invitation to the wedding and date to log into your calendars. There will be no other information at this present time about the Venue or schedule.

Wedding Invitation

A wedding invitation, on the other hand, is a formal invitation card to a wedding. The invitees are typically invited to a ceremony or reception. Wedding invitations come with RSVP cards and envelopes to give your guests ample time to respond.
In many cases, wedding invitations are mailed to ensure that the couple does not have an empty hall on their special day, and everyone has a seating place. It is also suitable if anyone wants to bring a plus one.

What is the purpose of Save The Date Cards?

The primary purpose of a save the date card is to get people excited about your wedding and let them know when it will happen. It allows them to plan so that they can prepare for what’s going on around that time.

When should you send out a save the date card?

Save the Date cards should be sent out in advance of the invitation so that your guests will have time to plan. Generally, save the date cards are sent about four to six months in advance.

The etiquette also differs depending on whether or not there is an engagement party and if it was held some time ago, or whether it will happen soon. If an engagement party has already happened, save the date cards should be sent out no more than 3 months after the engagement party (if you have a short engagement) or 6-9 months in advance so people can plan accordingly. Provide extra time if you have a destination wedding.

What information should be included on a save the date card?

The information that should be included on a save the date card is typically limited to the date and location of the event (the venue is not always listed).

It will include the year, month, day, sometimes the venue address, colours, and time guests arrive. A save the date card is typically sent out 6-9 months in advance so people can plan accordingly.

It's also a great idea to include instructions on who is invited.

For example, if the save the date card is sent out for a bridal shower, that would be included. If it’s simply a wedding invite, that should be stated clearly.

Also, if only guests that are engaged or in relationships are invited to the wedding, that should be spelt out on the card.

Other than that, wedding guests will not know details about the event (e.g. what to wear, who is hosting etc.).

Who are typical recipients of Save The Dates Cards?

Making your own save the date card is an inexpensive way to send out a special notice to family and friends about a wedding without spending too much money.

To create your card, you will need to obtain the following supplies

  • Traditionally white or cream paper. -This can be regular printer paper from home or actual invitation card stock.
  • Printer if you are using the computer
  • Craft supplies if you want to handmade them.
  • Outer Envelope

Invitation wording:

This will dictate how you address your invitee on the front of the card. If your wording is “you are invited to our wedding”, you will want to use formal language and write it in the third person using “he” or “she”. If your wording is more casual, like “we’re getting married, come celebrate with us!”, then you can employ informal language and use “we” instead of “he/she”.

Invitation message:

Include information about where, when and how to RSVP. Usually, save the date cards don’t have this detailed information, so only include what is necessary. For example, if your wedding is in a month or two, you can say something like, “Please join us for a star-studded event at the Natural History Museum on November 10th at 7 pm.” If your wedding is over a few months away, you can say something like, “Please save the date, and we will send out more details soon!”

Photo(s) or graphic:

This is unnecessary, but it’s cute to include your favorite photo of you and your future spouse or even just the wedding date.

Outer Envelope

For wedding Envelopes, write the name and address in a beautiful font, so it’s instantly memorable for your wedding guests!

Our Favourite Designs

If you’re looking for save the date vs wedding invitation examples, here are some things you should consider when looking for wedding stationery to send out to your friends and family.

Save The Date Cards

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Wedding Invitations

These exquisitely designed wedding invites will leave all of your guests with memories that will last long after the event. The breathtaking combination of silk ivory roses and leaves made from exquisite acrylic provides a truly sophisticated presentation. These botanically inspired wedding invitations are perfect for any bride looking to create a unique look on her big day!

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Save the Date Vs Wedding Invitation: What Is The Difference?


Can you ask for RSVP on save the date?

When sending out Save the Dates, don’t include reply cards! Just send them a city and state (and country if you have an overseas wedding).

Does a save the date mean you're invited?

Yes! Save-the-dates are an opportunity for you to share with your guests the exciting news that it is finally time to celebrate! They also let them know they can start planning their trips and get excited about attending this once in a lifetime event.

Can I skip Save the dates?

When planning a wedding, save the dates are an essential part of pre-planning. If you have many guests travelling to or from your destination wedding, it is best to send out early and inform them with these cards! However, if most attendees will be local or on a shorter timeline, invitations would suffice without sending out any Save The Dates.