How to Plan a Wedding During a Pandemic

How to Plan a Wedding During a Pandemic

A Guidance on What We Suggest

Trying Not To Be Deflated

You set the date a year or more ago, and you’ve been counting down the days ever since. Then, boom! The world changes on its axis, and we’re all wearing masks and avoiding contact with those we love. 

Coronavirus has changed everything about our lives and whilst the hope is that one day (hopefully soon) we’ll manage to kick this virus out for good, for now, we have to live with caution, something which has become our new normal.

Extra Planning Time

You Can Never Have Enough Time to Plan A Wedding

If you set your wedding date for this year, you’ve probably batted back and forth over whether to postpone or go ahead with it. However, whilst many people have chosen to postpone or cancel, but a little extra time for planning can’t hurt anyone, right? 

Additional time will allow you to make tiny changes, look for more inspiration and add personalised touches.

It’s uncertain how long guidelines will be in place or if the number of guests for weddings will become smaller, but who says intimate weddings cant be perfect too?


At the end of the day, you’re celebrating your love for one another and cementing your vows for life. You can do that in front of 15 people or 1500, and it will still amount to the same.

o, if you’ve determined not to let COVID-19 take your wedding day away from you, let’s check out a few tips to help you plan your wedding during this rather annoying pandemic we’re currently in the middle of.

Stay up to Date With Changing Regulations

At present, weddings can go ahead, however, they need to be held in a COVID secure venue, and no more than 15 people can be in attendance.

The good news is that our venue is COVID secure and it’s also in the middle of the beautiful Bedfordshire countryside, so you don’t have to worry about crowds outside.

That being said, we currently aren’t holding weddings until next year, but this is giving us plenty time to develop our venue and ensure that
we have plenty of space for social distancing and features to enhance your wedding day.

It’s a good idea to stay up to date with changing regulations. The COVID situation is a fast-moving problem, but we can only plan as far forward as we can see, and for now, 15 people is your limit

Streamline Your Guest List

No matter how big or small your budget is, the guest list is a common issue for most weddings add that on top of having to choose 15 people makes it a complete nightmare.

It’s heartbreaking, 15 people? That’s it?!

With that in mind, you should stick to your nearest and dearest, but there is a way you can invite others into your venue – virtually!

Set up screens and invite those you don’t have space for into your wedding via the wonder of the Internet!

It sounds a bit futuristic, different, weird, maybe not what you had in mind, but streaming your wedding online can open up the opportunity for people who couldn’t be there from different parts of the world to enjoy your day as much as you do!

Take Advantage of The Scenery 

In the past, wedding photography would have focused on groups of people celebrating together; however, that’s not possible right now. What you can do instead is focus on the scenery around you and create beautiful images of the world around us.

The Bedfordshire countryside around our venue certainly ticks that box, and no matter what the weather, the wonder of Mother Nature never fails to shine through. 

Go to Town on Your Reception 

It is possible to have a wedding reception but again, it needs to be COVID secure, and there can be no dancing – for some, that might be a blessing in disguise! Sit down meals are permitted, but you’ll need to remember safety first – servers will need to wear protective gear, and you should have hand sanitiser on the tables for your guests to use. 

The cash you’re going to save on fewer people attending your wedding means you can opt for a gourmet meal for the guests who are in attendance. 

Make Sure Your Mask Matches The Dress Code

Why not have some fancy masks made and give them to your guests? This makes light of the fact that we have to wear masks in the first place, but it also means that the rather unpleasant surgical face mask won’t be present in your wedding photos! Create a small goodie bag for your guests as they arrive, including a special face mask, a little hand sanitiser, etc.

Embellished masks will look fantastic, and as long as yours matches your dress, that’s all that matters!

Communication is Key

Regardless of the theme or the specifics of your wedding, it’s more important than ever to keep communication clear and regular with guests. 

People are sure to have questions, and your venue will need to double-check your specifics and details to cover your requirements. 

Sometimes intimate weddings are better than huge parties, and with the Bedfordshire countryside and fresh air in attendance, it will be a day you’ll remember for all the right reasons, without COVID lurking in the background. 

If you would like to find out more about how we can help create a magical wedding venue in the beautiful countryside of Bedfordshire while keeping guests safe and shielded, contact us today using the form below.